Travel in Europe and in the World
Travel in Europe and in the World


The most beautiful land that human eyes have ever seen. "So said Christopher Columbus when he landed on the island. It has been more than 500 years ago. And Cuba continues to amaze, even today as for years. Any traveler who landed on the island is invited to a discovery of places, rhythms, people, amazing tastes which involve.


A multiforme country, beautiful and colorful, able to satisfy every kind of curiosity and desire the holiday of relax on the coast, where the weather is great and the sea is beautiful, the sportive holiday alternating with nightlife, the cultural holiday, on traces of the civilizations that have deeply marked the landscape, the architecture and the spirit of the inhabitants.


Closer to home, but with an enviable climate all around the year, with crystal clear sea and full of life: the Red Sea is a paradise for divers and for all the tourists who love to have fun day and night.
Perched in the northern portion of the United Kingdom, which is one of the four constituent nations, Scotland conquest for its old world charm and its almost mystical poetic atmosphere.
Its name creates automatic mental connections, we say Scotland and is expected whiskey, kilt, colorful tartan and Highland clans, and then to the famous film Highlander.
The United States with their major cities are waiting you for a unique journey in that part of the world you've always dreamed to be and seen in movies, but now you can live it as the protagonist.
Walking on the Fifth Avenue in New York , let you involve the spirit vital of this city that never sleeps. A ride on the beach in Miami, where the ocean merges with the land between the lights and the colors of a happy and young city, ready to welcome you with its warmth and vivacity. Be a child in Orlando, with its parks of incredible fun and fantasy. The elegance of San Francisco, resting on sweet hills and overlooking the beautiful bay on which stands the famous Golden Bridge, shows its pride at sunset,. Walk along the Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, where the biggest stars engraved their names or take a ride in Beverly Hills where you can see the villas of
your stars. This is America! 
High islands and low islands, rugged peaks and pink , cobalt blue, emerald green and pure white sand, only the French Polynesia has to offer such a variety of landscapes. And Tahiti is only the tip of this faceted diamond, an area that acts as a bridge between the Oceania and South America and dotted with 118 islands divided into 5 archipelagos, 118 worlds to discover into the individual peculiarities
Beaches of so fine and white sand that looks like talcum powder, the turquoise crystal clear water, palm trees rising towards the blue sky, these are the views that wait for you in the Caribbean. Heaven does exist and you can find it with us, for a relaxing holiday choose the Caribbean.
The blue sea , the white sand beaches and archaeological wonders of earth from a thousand years of history in Mexico over the eyes ,it also fills your heart. Its inhabitants will welcome you with their loads of sympathy and hospitality, with their way of life that has become a way of saying famous all over the world: mi casa es tu casa.
It is said that a thousand cameras are not enough to immortalize all the landscapes of South Africa. Probably it is true, when you consider the many attractions of this extraordinary country.
From the charm of Table Mountain that frames Cape Town, the magic of the Cape of Good Hope, from the savannah rich with animals in the Kruger Park in the Kalahari Desert. A trip to South
Africa means a unique experience in the world, made up of big animals living in their natural habitat, the imposing landscapes ranging from deserts to forests from savannahs to cliffs, languages and traditions.
A trip for those who have an adventurous heart and not afraid of strong emotions. Those who will accompany you for a lifetime.
Put together very green and thick forests, white beaches lapped by a beautiful sea of Phuket and Koh Samui, a rich exotic wildlife, beautiful Buddhist temples and archaeological sites, varied and delicious cuisine.Here are the main ingredients that distinguish Thailand, a wonderful and welcoming realm inhabited by friendly and hospitable people, defining this country as the Land of Smiles. Thailand is the perfect place for a unique holiday ,cut to suit your needs, always varied and capable of enriching eyes, heart and spirit.
Halfway between Asia and Africa, the Indian Ocean there are some of the most beautiful and famous places and islands on our Earth. Islands that have the flavor of spices such as Mauritius, other notes for the most beautiful backdrops such as the Maldives and countries that are poised between ancient and modern as Dubai.
Third-largest ocean in the world, is ideal for a romantic getaway, relaxing and pristine sea.
Welcome to the land of contrasts. The seven sovereign sheikdoms making up the United Arab Emirates offer on one hand landscapes of high mountains, endless deserts, long beaches, charming oases, camel racing, Bedouin markets and on the other a breathtaking skyline of the tallest skyscrapers in the world, major shopping malls for shopping. All this on a very small surface. Ideal for a break of a few days up to a vacation more complete, the United Arab Emirates represent a good opportunity if you are looking for the exotic five-star!


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